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Back to School Info.

I can't wait to start this amazing year!!  Please follow the links below to obtain information about the JEM pod, PE, traffic routes, and the student information sheet.  

Dear Parents,

We are excited to have your child in our classroom this year!

Many of you have questions about our class. Hopefully, this letter will give you the information you want and need.

There is a fabulous resource available for parents this year that enables you to get email updates about upcoming events, homework, reminders, etc. With a one-time set-up process, you will then be alerted to things concerning your child here at Hook Elementary. This is a great way for parents to stay plugged in. Go to:

Click on Staff Directory
Then click on each teacher you would like to receive email alerts from (all three – Montieth, Jones, and Eakin)
Then click subscribe on the right hand side
Enter your email address and then subscribe
That’s it! You will then receive email alerts about events happening in each class your child attends!


Text Reminders from teachers known as Remind 101!

What is Remind 101?

Remind is a simple way for you to stay informed and up-to-date with what’s happening in your class. By joining your teacher’s

class on Remind, you’re choosing to receive class messages via push notifications, SMS, or email. Don’t worry; your phone number will not be shared with the teacher or anyone else in the class. You will be able to sign up for all three classes.


Hook Book: Your child will be required to carry his/her Hook Book (binder) back and forth from home and school. On the first day of each week your child will be given a new updated assignment/upcoming events page to add to his/her Hook Book. If there is not an assignment written down that indicates no homework. There will be a place for notes and a place for you to sign your initials letting us know that you saw the Hook Book. These will be filed at school the following Monday. If the Hook Book doesn’t come back to school regularly, we will let you know. Your child will be responsible for their homework. You are responsible for making sure your child does their homework. Please feel free to write to us in the Hook Book. It’s a great way for us to communicate in the best interest of your child.

In the mornings, students will enter the building, either at the front doors or by the gym, and go straight to the gym, if they are not eating breakfast. The halls are kept clear until the cafeteria dismisses. Class begins at 7:50. Your child is tardy at 8:00 and will need to check in at the office if arriving after 8:00. Excessive tardiness results in after school detention.

In the afternoon bus students will read in the cafeteria until their bus comes. Bus numbers are posted and this area is supervised. Pick-up students are loaded into their cars on Clinton Street by teachers. Dismissal time is 3:20. If your pick up routine changes for the day, please call the office no later than 2:45.

Lunch is from 12:05-12:35

We will ask for help from time to time. Don’t feel pressured to do anything you don’t want to do or can’t do.

A.R. time will be held in your child’s reading class this year. Please make sure your child practices his/her reading skills each night. A good goal to set is 20 pages or 20 minutes, depending on your child. If your child ever forgets his/her book at school she/he may read any book or magazine from home. If your child is absent, he/she will still need to read (if able to). Our goal is not to make reading laborious or hated, but to give our students reading practice and let them develop a love of reading. Please contact Mrs. Montieth if you have any questions regarding your child's a.r. progress.

Homework will be accepted on the day it is due. Homework assignments are located on the Hook Book assignments/upcoming events page.

Water bottles may be sent to school (with lids on them) during the hot months. These will be taken to recess, but not used in the classroom. Please do not send anything other than water.

If your child wears glasses, please let us know. Sometimes, kids don’t wear them at school when they are supposed to do so. If your child forgets his/her glasses, we will call or have her/him call and ask that you bring them to school.

Due to safety concerns, the district has made it a policy that all personnel are required to wear a name badge. Every visitor will be required to go to the office when visiting our campus to sign-in and pick up a visitor’s badge. If you forget, expect to be stopped by a district employee or student and directed back to the office to get a badge.

We have experienced problems with cell phones, purses, makeup, and toys (Cameras, Game Boys, stuffed animals, etc.) brought to school. Children are not allowed to lock their lockers; therefore, items have been stolen from them. Many children try to carry toys from class to class to play with them instead of paying attention in class. We have also had girls spending time in the restroom or at their lockers, putting on lip gloss, checking their hair, etc. We are telling the students not to bring any of these items to school. At this age, many students need or want to use deodorant after P.E. or recess. It will not be a problem for them to keep it in their lockers. Balls are still allowed for recess, but must stay in the lockers until we leave for recess. Names should be written on them in permanent ink.

Absences: Please send a dated note detailing your child’s absence. Please include the student’s first and last name, the parents first and last name, date, and reason for absence. These notes are kept on file in the office. Excessive absences are a concern. State law requires a hearing when absences become excessive; however, if your child has a fever please make arrangements to keep them at home. They will need rest and TLC to feel better. Students will receive make-up work upon returning to school.

Our conference time is 8:55-9:55. You can call the front office (968-3213) to schedule a conference. Also, if it is a matter that can be handled over the phone, you can call us during this time as well. We check our e-mail daily and this is also an excellent way to stay in touch about your child. Just add us to your address book!

Thanks and we are looking forward to a terrific year!

Class schedules:






































Thank you,

Daphne Jones, Kelly Eakin, Kelly Montieth





We have been studying how authors use capitalization and the rules that support those uses.  Please use the following anchor charts when helping your student.
We have been studying complete sentences, simple subjects, simple predicates, complete subjects and complete predicates.  Please refer to this anchor chart when helping your child at home. 

Spelling City

Students won't get personal passwords just yet.  We are taking it slow and learning the system.  If your student wants to get on spelling city, please follow the steps below:
2. click on search
3. click on teacher/parent
4. type in Kelly Eakin
5. click on Kelly Eakin
6. Click on doubling consonants/or that weeks list
This will allow them to play games that are free at this point.  When they  get their personal password, students will be able to utilize the whole site. :)

Homework Alert!!

Hello – We are spying on published authors again!! Students need to find 2 sentences that follow the described sentence pattern below.  We are investigating the kinds of sentences that authors use in hopes of finding a sentence type/s  that would help improve our own writing.  Students are to look in their AR books, but if they are unable to locate two sentences in their books, they may look at other resources (newspapers, books, magazines, etc.). Please make sure the sentence and the resource are school appropriate.  Happy Spying!!


Closer sentence – this is a sentence that combines a complete sentence with a fragment by using a comma.  The fragment comes at the CLOSE of the sentence.  Please see the example below:


The moon rose above the land with majesty, shining on all the land. 


The moon rose above the land with majesty. – COMPLETE SENTENCE

shining on all the land.  -Fragment


Top Secret Writing Mission #2

Watch the video and download the file. Good luck, Agents!