Gifted and Talented 


2020-21 GT Update

Good Afternoon! GT updates. I have been completing all GT screenings that were supposed to be done in the Spring but due to Covid, we were unable to test. I am almost done with 1st-6th grade screenings. I will start pulling out GT students next week during their swarm times. My goal is to pull twice a week for grades 3-6 and once a week for 1st-2nd. I will be on Hook campus Monday and Wednesday. Gilbert on Tuesday and Thursday and Friday will be Chamberlin and Virtual Students. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.       [email protected]

Tarleton Study

Parents of Hook GT students, some of you will get an email from [email protected]. Please be on the look out and complete as soon as possible. With your help, we can continue to research and learn the best practices for serving GT students. Thank you!

Tarleton GRS study


This year, we’ve been asked to partner with Tarleton State University’s Department of Psychological Sciences to study the statistical properties of the Gifted Rating Scales, a multidimensional assessment of giftedness in children. The GRS was first developed and normed ten years ago, and we will participate in the re-norming process this fall!

Be on the lookout for an informed consent document coming home in gifted folders in the coming days. Please sign and return the document in the folder to participate in the study. We are excited about this research not only as participants in the study, but for what we can learn about providing the best support to our gifted students!

Thank you!


Once we receive informed consent documents back, we will send this email to ONLY those parents who return the informed consent – we WILL need to include the student numbers in the emails, since that is what our IRB approved. I’m hoping that by only working with the group for whom we have consents, it won’t be too time-consuming. We will create the hotlink to send out this week.

GT Field trip 1st-3rd

As of right now, we are planning to go on our field trip. We will leave from the school at 8:00 and go to Chamberlin and pick up 1st and 2nd grade. However, we will continue to watch the weather. If we do not get to go, I will post on this website and students will carry on with a regular school day. 

GT Field Trips

I am watching weather and will decide around noon today. We will not go on our field trip tomorrow or Thursday if it is raining. I will keep you posted.

GT Newsletter

In the newsletter I just posted, they have a picture of my TAGT Leadership class at our graduation. Thank you to everyone last year for your patience with me as I went through this wonderful program.

Christmas around the World Project Reminder

Several students have finished their project and are ready to go but others have done research in class but wanted to finish their poster at home. I am sending this reminder to make sure everyone remembers this is due on Monday and Tuesday. Please keep in mind this has been worked on in GT class for two weeks.

Christmas Around the World

Good morning! Hood and Gilbert GT students are working on a research project, Christmas Around the World. Your student has chosen a country of interest and we are working on researching their holiday traditions. We will display a trifold poster on Dec.17th at Hook and Dec.18th Gilbert. I am attaching the forms and websites that we are using in class. I will send more details soon. Please email me if you have any questions.