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Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week--- October 28-November 1
Hook Elementary- TEAM Up Against Drugs
Display posters 3rd Grade GT student create that illustrate a slogan related to being drug free.

• Students read announcements
• Show good CHARACTER- Dress as your favorite book character (Book Fair)
• Students read announcements
• TEAM Up Against Drugs-- Wear “TEAM HOOK” Shirts
• Student’s will be given a Red Ribbon Pencil “TEAM Up Against Drugs”

• Students read announcements
• I Wear Red to Rally Against Drugs - Wear Red…
• Give students a Red Sticker Pledge to wear
• Students read announcement
• I’m too Bright to do Drugs!- Wear bright colored clothing and accessories
• Students read announcements
• Be Part of a Winning Team that is Drug Free- Wear favorite team shirt or jersey